compiling bacKgammon is quite simple. just download the source and save it to your hard disk. then perform something similar to the following steps:

  1. cd bacKgammon
  2. ./configure
  3. make
  4. make install <the last step requires root permissions>
keep on reading if you encounter any problems while performing these steps.


most of the problems with compiling are due to missing information to configure, wrong Qt pathes, etc. fortunately, all these can easily be fixed by supplying the correct parameters to configure and exporting the correct MOC variable - try the following:


bacKgammon requires KDE 1.1.x and the Qt libraries 1.4x. it has not yet been tested with KDE 2.x and will likely not compile. please visit the download page to obtain the current version of bacKgammon and to find more information on installation.

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