as of today (8/12/2000) bacKgammon has a public beta release. you can access the release from the projects page at SourceForge. this is usable software but any testers should be familiar with backgammon and the basic FIBS commands.

you can access the CVS server and download a snapshot of the current development version - i do make sure that the downloadable version is always usable before i upload it! once you have downloaded the source, you can compile it.

at periodic times, tar-balls of the current development branch will be made available. these will not be real releases but should be considered snapshots of the development process.

a first official beta release will probably happen at around august 15, 2000.


bacKgammon needs binary packages (.deb for debian and .rpm for everything else). please visit the help section if you know how to produce binary packages and are willing to help.

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