the bacKgammon


bacKgammon is a backgammon program specifically written with the KDE in mind. It offers the opportunity to play backgammon games by using a convenient and intuitive graphical user interface.

please visit the screen shot section to get an idea of how bacKgammon looks and what kind of features it offers.


the first public beta of bacKgammon is available! please visit the download page to obtain it.


bacKgammon is the direct successor of KFibs. the latter was a program for playing backgammon games on the first internet backgammon server (FIBS). bacKgammon is an almost complete rewrite of KFibs to fix some of the most obvious problems:

play modes

usage of bacKgammon does not require a connection to the Internet, nor does it require an account on FIBS. You can use the program to play backgammon against yourself (which might become boring after a while) or against friends by using the offline engine.

in the very near future, bacKgammon will be extended such that it can use gnubg as a backgammon engine. At that point you will be able to play against gnubg using the same program that can be used to connect to FIBS and to play offline - one program for all the backgammon needs you might have.

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